Sep 01

Trash Arts’ A Poem for a Quiet Moment: Andrew Prodromou

Who in that heartless state bares compassion?
Beheading those innocent people,
Utter anguish is poured upon the western world;
Touching the hearts of all; a universal cry,
Coupled with the tears of kindred, floods the air;
And the smile of happiness is instantly drowned.
Lacking all things human; that inhumane heart,
Shall not conquer those that generate good.
But now I know a thousand years of life ignites,
Burning and burning in that nest of renewal;
Its renaissance has come round at last!
And a Phoenix rises from the ashes of its past.
The innocent live on through universal unity,
Joining together, we unite as one;
That time of terror is lost like a nightmare.
Reborn; dragging its golden tail whilst beside it,
Kindred walk to the temple of the sun
And both bird and beloved lock away their past.
Suddenly the terror of September, the shock
Of the Buddhas of Bamiyan, and all else
Are lost in the temple; the wings of time
Flap; giving birth to lives full of the sublime.

Poetry: Andrew Prodromou

Illustration: Coming soon

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