Jan 01

Trash Arts’A Poem for a Quiet Moment: Majid Dhana



Scars all over my face on my hands on my knees, they all over the place each one brought alive with a different story to tell. Some have been an Accident others have put me through Hell.

The situation was never easy been in a place where greed was envy. Watching your friends turn into enemy’s using you as the bate like Sharks circling around patiently waiting.

The Scars. On my fists remind me of the walls I used to hit, when the world made Me Angry it made me think it hatted me.

My hands would hurt with pain as all the Hate Rushed through me, the Scars on my face were from a story book that lost a page. I felt like A Drunk I couldn’t stand like a man, I was angry at the Bottle so I picked it up and smashed my face.

The Scars on My Lip were broken and confused, the Scars on My back had me used and abused. The Scars on My Legs had lost many friends; tattoos all over my body to hide the Scars that make me feel sorry.

Every one with a story to tell all over my body.


Poetry: Majid Dhana

Illustration: Abigail Fullwood

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