Aug 01

Trash Arts’ A Poem for a Quiet Moment: Jackson Davies


In moments like this, when I’ve made a mistake
And all that’s built up feels like its at stake
And it’s all my fault that something felt fake
That I realise now that it makes me a snake
In the grass, as I pass by the arse end of town
Walking past revellers only makes me feel down
And I feel like a king that’s destroyed his crown
Because without her the streets seem tinged brown
And faded from view, and its true what they say
You can’t have it your way, if you stick with a play
That defers for a day, making this house out of papier mache
The foundation’s not clay, but solid concrete
And if that concrete has a crack of deceit
You can’t use it to build, and it leads to defeat
But I won’t give up and I won’t retreat
And if love is a war, there’s no way I’m yet beat
And I’ll march to this beat and this symbolic crash
I’ll stride past the faces of those out on the lash
Cos I can survive without fast food, drinking or cash
And I’m walking so fast I’m the fucking Flash
I have to get there, cos she said that she needs me
And I would walk through the Black Sea, North Sea and mercy And through deserts and tundra and darkest Chertsey
If she asked me to curtsey, I probably would
Although why that would happen is not understood
The point is whatever she wanted, I could
And should and would do, and despite this flow through
Like Dr. Seuss, unsure footing is just kind of proof
That at least theres a chance to save this, and truth is theres nothing I wont do, and if its seen as uncouth
Then so what, fuck it, I’m still going to try
Because people like her come round once in a life
And its worth every second of trouble and strife (“That was brought on yourself”, cuts my internal knife)
To fight to be with her and ever un-severed,
And never to cause upsetting endeavours
Is the motto and creed I have, is it clever?
Mais non, but its true, and what can I do
Except try to come through
And change up her whole mood
From blue all way through to warm shades of red
Implying a passion and a love in her head
And I could be that thought, not a prick instead
The thing is I’ve never felt like this,
About anyone else I’ve known to exist
And I’ll pay my penance as told by this list
By now I should think that you’ve gotten the gist
That I would do anything
Anything for the chance its not broken and for one more kiss Some idiot once said its better to love and to lose
But I just don’t agree and I ask for a truce
Cos nothings more real than Elephant Juice

Poetry: Jackson Davies

Illustration: Francis Jones

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