Dec 01

Trash Arts’ A Poem for a Quiet Moment: Jackson Davies


An augmented array of altered arts are aligned
Bold but blistered, blue-bright becomes blind
Concurrently cascading cross clear cut corners
Down dire depths designed by disowners
Even evil evicts erasing empires
From fury-filled fighters and free-burning fires
“Good glory, good grace, goodbye and goodnight”
He heaves hourly, haughtily holding his height
Insinuate interest in intellectual ills
Just jettison jobs, as Jack joked to Jill
Kings kill krakens and knight knights for kicks
Lest ladies of leisure let loose lying lips
Most mentions of misery meet mind over matter
Not nocturnal nips, nor Nan’s nosing a natter
Orangemen outing old oil oligarchs
Post-modern preaching push past public parks
Quick – quit, quite, quietly
Roars a rebellious right-wing rotter un-rightly
Stop scheming, so serious sailors set sails
To times that touch terror, then tell their tall tales
Under unanimous ultimate universes
Vowing vile vermin veer vastly on verses
What was which will, when women were wed
Ex exes and why?
But baby, Zed’s dead.


Poetry: Jackson Davies

Illustration: Abigail Fullwood

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