Nov 01

Trash Arts’ A Poem for a Quiet Moment: Isabelle Bilton

We don’t owe our bodies to anyone
Withholding the consent to touch me
Is not a crime, should not create
A crime scene where blood drains
Where men feel their simple existence
Rightfully should allow them inside me
Yes is not a word to be whispered in fear
In fear of brutality, of cruelty and hate
You don’t owe your body to anyone
Allowing sad men to fuck you
Is not a humanitarian duty
Eye contact does not bind you
Drinks do not bind you
Nothing binds you to allow someone
Your body whom you do not want
Inside of your skin, it is
Not a crime to say no, this is
Not a world where men are condemned
For women not granting them access to
Their beds and their legs,
Mysterious disinterest is
Not a reason to scapegoat half the population
Women are not yours
I owe no part of me to a man



Tomorrow night is our Open Ya Mouth open mic poetry evening at The Fat Fox. It is a very special event co-run and hosted by Sisters Uncut – Portsmouth the event will be female identifying and non-binary performers only. It will be an LGBT+ safe space.

Food served till 9pm!

FREE ENTRY (Donations will be going to Aurora New Dawn a local DV service)

Poetry: Isabelle Bilton

Illustration: Kashaya Mathews

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