Oct 01

Trash Arts’ A Poem for a Quiet Moment: Aaron McMullan

The Lighthouse
It was our safe haven that kept us from the storm.

Guided the way, docked harm at bay,

Until the rocks were warm.

It was calm and it was quiet so we took a nights walk,

About the time you to said that we need to talk.

Those ships that broke the fog had ways to go,
I watched those skies with tired eyes that held a certain glow;

Oh that time we called ours was not for us to know,

You took my hand to see if that was so.

Bright burning from The Lighthouse,

We watched as our dreams blew south.

Still returning, not a slight dowse –

In us, no, I have no doubt,

No doubt, in The Lighthouse.
A wise old blind man said to me the other day,
If you could see love a’coming would you go a’running or look the other way?

I said: I’m not sure I can feel that way anymore,

But I’ll tell you my side to settle out the score.
I begged please no, my darling,
As the gauntlet hit the floor,

My sorrow to swallow was an empty tomorrow,

Which left no signature;

That gentle, sentimental, wonderful muse of mine,

Lay wasted upon the shores so hard to find.
Bright burning from the Lighthouse,

All our fears had awoken from a rouse; still returning,
Not a slight dowse – in us no,
I have no doubt,
No doubt,
In The Lighthouse
Oh it glows, and it shows, that we were, in the same boat,

Never one to gloat as the only one that knows of her;
Yes it glows and it shows, that we were, within a sunken moat, unable to float while the wind blows upon green of fur.
Not the path,
that I chose,
Or the first time that I’ve froze…

I’ll just have to see the signs and pray that to you, is where it goes.
Bright burning from The Lighthouse,

My heart never felt so right;

Still returning, not a slight dowse in the mist of us

No I have no sight,

But still no doubt.. In The Light House.




Poetry: Aaron McMullan

Illustration: Olivia Johnson


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