Feb 01

Trash Arts’ A Poem for a Quiet Moment: Yasmin Collins

I want to be a galaxy
But you are my black hole
Trust me I am no milky way
But my colours are fading
Every time you ask me to stay.
There are no shooting stars left in me
Just holes from the shower of your words
That fell like meteors
From a place that will not go unheard.
I put my universe in the palms of your hands
But you did not understand the idea of Space.
Your lifelines imprinted
When you held my world too tightly
But you were too scared to let me go.
I am sorry that I cannot be there for you.
But when you are asking me
To walk into waters so deep
I am drowning in promises
That you can’t seem to keep.


Poetry: Yasmin Collins

Artwork: Kashaya Mathews

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