Mar 21

Public Statement 21-03-17

TrashArts Public Statement
Relating to:
Incident at the Fat Fox 21/03/2017

Date of statement:

In response to the above incident.

From this day forward, at the beginning of Open Ya Mouth we will make it clear that our definition of safe space is one of focusing solely on the new performer and all words are permitted. This way, anyone defining the term ‘safe space’ differently, or anyone concerned about the possibility of trigger terms have the power to make an informed choice.

Giving the audience the power of informed choice is something we can do instantly to prevent incidents of this sort from happening again, as promised by Scott, the compère of the event, to the aggrieved at the end of the above incident.

We hope that by immediately applying this solution to the issue, we demonstrate in action that Scott’s apology to an individual was sincere, as was the declaration that it was never our intention to upset or hurt anyone.

We continue to support the LGBT community, survivors of domestic abuse and sexual violence. This will be demonstrated by reaching out to various groups to look at how else we can be a supportive, positive force for those groups.

Open Ya Mouth was created as a passion project to give people that have written poems, monologues, raps etc. a chance to gently dip their toes in the pool of performance in an atmosphere that is supportive of that vulnerable position, regardless of the level of quality, professionalism, tone or content of the performance. In order to do that, we must attempt to embody the negative right to freedom of expression allowing all and any content.

In the future, when an organisation affiliates with TrashArts on one of these events (as we hope that they will continue to do so), those organisations may determine the extent to which the right to freedom of expression is embodied in line with their organisations’ values, just as it was when we collaborated with Sisters Uncut.

Thank you for taking the time to read, and we look forward to continuing to do all we can to support the local creative community as a whole.

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