Hang Dai is a five piece Hip Hop band from Portsmouth making Fun Funky Hip Hop!
They have supported The Mouse Outfit, Frankie Knight and Slick Minded Individuals as well as perform at V-Dub Island, Victorious Festival and Icebreaker Festival.

Individually the band has been around the music scene for many years from hosting, mixing and running events to playing in other bands.
Now all five of them have brought their individual styles together based on influences from all genres of music but predominantly 90’s Hip Hop with a 21st century Jazzy twist.

Members include :

Matt Wizard – Keyboard, Samples, Mixing and Production.

GetWaved – Drums n Percussion using a Maschine MK2, Mixing and Production.

Green T – Bass and Production.

JustWiLL / Willy Drastic – Vocals and Production.

Benny B Bop – Vocals and Production.

Genre- Hip Hop

Location- Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Links – https://www.facebook.com/hangdaimusic/


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