Created in 2007 by film-maker and promoter, Sam Mason Bell, Trash Arts is a community run effort with values in artistic freedom and integrity.  We have a vision of an artistic community that puts people before profit.

Our organisation is the people we work with from all backgrounds and we aim to increase the number of artistically minded people within our community. We come together in unity and diversity to share ideas, abilities and skills for a means of progress.

Whether it is artistically, financially or politically we support the marginalised and aim to give their work the exposure they deserve. This attracts Trash Arts to progressively minded people – and attracts them to us.

For this reason we support the artistic endeavours of groups such as the LGBT community, feminist groups, refugees, victims of economic oppression and those supporting race and ethnicity issues.

Our projects include film series, documentaries, music videos and music events and through these creative outlets, we hope to create an equal and liberated community.